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If Cities Could DanceIf Cities Could Dance

A capoeirista is sitting on a rock in front of the San Francisco Bay and is playing the berimbau.
Sep 07
Follow a Capoeirista’s Journey From the Bay Area to Brazil
A close-up of a woman looking into the camera while practicing capoeira moves by Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA
Aug 24
Why I Hope More Black Americans Discover the Afro-Brazilian Art of Capoeira

Behind the LensBehind the Lens

Dec 11
Music, Cars and Don't Forget the Hair: Eugene Kim's 'Cherry' Channels 90s Daly City
Dec 05
Scars Become Badges of Honor in Talibah Newman’s Children-Centered Films


A woman painter is standing in front of three of her large paintings and looking straight into the camera.
Oct 23
‘We Are Here’: Cece Carpio Paints Indigenous Stories Around the World
Oct 08
Jonathan Calm Revisits 'Green Book' Locations in Search of America's Past and Present