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A Year-Long Exploration of Bay Area Hip-Hop History

Illustration of the rapper Larry June in an SF Giants cap, holding a crab cracker in one hand and a fork in the other. In front of him is a whole lobster on a plate.

Here’s What Bay Area Rappers Are Eating (According to Their Lyrics)

A brief look at some of the Bay Area’s most notoriously hungry rappers — and the foods they’ve lyricized about.

Turntablism’s Mightiest Heroes: The Legacy, Impact and Aesthetics of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz

The Skratch Piklz' innovations in scratch technique, education and battle tools have impacted the globe.

How Turf Dancing Came to Define Oakland Street Dance

Hyphy videos, youth centers and street battles all propelled Oakland's 'street ballet' of turfing, now known around the world.

How The Invisibl Skratch Piklz Put San Francisco Turntablism on the DJ Map

A comprehensive history of the pioneering DJ crew, from Daly City garage parties to world domination.

San Francisco's Cellski Announces First-Ever Live Band Show

Cellski performs his debut album 'Mr. Predicter' with a full band at Brick and Mortar Music Hall.

How Bay Area Hip-Hop Found Its Sound in the 1980s

Casio keyboards, homemade tapes and the boundless creativity of Bay Area youth flourished in the 1980s hip-hop scene.

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Cultural historian and photographer, D-Ray (center) takes a photo with the late legendary MCs The Jacka (left) and Nipsey Hussle (right) backstage at the New Parish in Oakland in 2013.

D-Ray’s Photo Archive is West Coast Hip-Hop Gold

Jacka. Nipsey. FAB. 40. Drake. Keak. Wayne. You name 'em, they've probably been photographed by D-Ray.

12 San Jose Rap Tapes That You've (Probably) Never Heard Before

Listen to rare San Jose rap songs from a massive archive of over 500 underground rap tapes.
Rapper and political activist Equipto sits in front of a mural dedicated to Mario Woods, who was killed by SFPD in 2015.

Underground Rap, Playa Sh*t, Political Joints: Equipto has Bars

Hip-hop cultural cornerstone Equipto, discusses his various roles of mentor, father, artist and activist.
Telice Summerfield (center) dancing on stage with Keak Da Sneak (left) in Oakland.

From Buskin’ on BART to Teaching Turfin’

Telice Summerfield discusses the hyphy movement and her plans to take turf dancing culture even further.

Peanut Butter Wolf on San Jose Hip-Hop in the ’80s and ’90s

The DJ, producer and label owner discusses San Jose's earliest hip-hop activity — and the dedication required in those years to be part of it.

How the Rap Group 51.50 Put Marin City on the Map

51.50 released classics like 'Games People Play' and recorded with Tupac, bringing attention to their predominantly Black city located within white, affluent Marin County.