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We know what submitters need but we also know what features need media curators.
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Blogs, forums and websites are still one of the best source for music: get a feature on them!


With the advent of the music streaming services the playlists are an important spotlight for artists.
Radios can boost your song in a very effective way, boosting your popularity and Shazams.
Music Channels
YouTube and Soundcloud channels are some of the most used music sources by users.

Submitter features

Send your music to media and boost your songs

Gain Media Support

Our media are ready to dedicate time to your song, giving you a constructive feedback, and may decide to support it.


Manage all your submissions in one place, simple and fast. Keep track of every campaign easily.

Cost Effective

Stop wasting money: with our platform you will be charged only if your song will is listened to within 48 hours and receive a constructive feedback.

Media Features

Receive submissions and earn money

Submissions Management

Keep your inbox for business enquiries only, and manage all your submissions in one place. Easy, free and effective.

Choose Your Earnings

You are free to choose how much you want to charge for each submissions reviewed, up to 100 credits. This means that with 30 daily submissions you can earn up to 1500€ daily.

Discover Talents

No more spam or mass emails: you’ll receive great music from human beings that are really interested in your feedback without cluttering your inbox.

Simply yet effective

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Easily manage all your submissions in just one place.
Check your latest feedbacks and get in touch with the most important media around the world.

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