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Send It Right is the ultimate tool for monetizing your time and transforming your promo inbox in money

“Thanks to Send It Right my inbox is not cluttered with emails anymore - now everything is ordered and linear. I’m monetizing my passion.  - Giorgia, Teen Plaza

​Why Send It Right

Send It Right is an all-in tool for handling your promo submission: From receiving to listening,

everything in one panel.

We know that time is money: with Send It Right you will be able to monetize your promos and feedbacks.

"We have developed Send It Right with the help of a team of artists and curators, following their needs and requests."

Paolo - Developer


Let your users know your preferences (genres, release date etc)


Listen to the submissions.

It’s all in one place!


Earn money for your constructive feedback or track support.

Media love Send It Right

Here's why

Easy, fast, efficient, growing… 
Just like you.

With Send It Right handling your promos is easy, let your users know how you would like to receive their music, monetize your time and a lot more.

That’s it? Absolutely not!

​We’re always working on making our product better in order to offer you the best promo system to Media and Curations. We’re growing with you, for you!

Handling a music blog can be frustrating: my inbox was constantly full or promo emails, often low quality ones. With Send It Right i can give a meaning to my time giving cosntructive feedback and supporting artists! Finally i can monetize my passion while having everything in one place.

Big Bang Beat

Mark, Curator

How It Works

How To Decline a song

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The team behind the product

Our Team

For 20 years in the music industry.

With decades of experience in the music industry on the promotional / record side and hundreds of international hits, we are perfectly aware of the dynamics of the music market.

We have developed Send It Right together with a team of artists, producers and advertising agents to build it around real needs.
We will continue to develop it by constantly increasing the quality and quantity of the services offered to guarantee you the best promotion.

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We know how many tasks you have to manage your activities and we try to offer you the best tools. We are constantly under development to offer new features by listening to your feedbacks. If you have doubts, ideas, requests or necessities, write us!

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