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Send It Right is the ultimate tool for reaching dozens of blogs, playlists and radios with guaranteed feedback

“With Send It Right i stopped sending hundreds of promos without ever receiving an answer: I manage everything from my panel, feedbacks and supports. - Wallaby

Why Send It Right

Send It Right is an all-in-one promotion tool to effectively and independently manage promotional mailings of your music.

We know how frustrating it can be to send hundreds of emails without receiving feedback or support.

"We have developed Send It Right with the help of a team of artists and curators, following their needs and requests."

Paul - Developer

Get Ready

Choose the song you want to promote and insert your info

Choose Media

Select the media you want to send your song using the integrated filters

Receive supports

Receive feedback, support or refund from selected media.

Artists love Send It Right

Here's why

Simple, fast, efficient, growing ... like you.

With Send It Right you can easily reach dozens of blogs, YouTube channels, radio, influencers and much more.
You can get constructive feedbacks to improve your music or media to increase your audience.
That's all? Absolutely not!

We are constantly working to improve our product and offer the best promotional tools to the artists of tomorrow. We grow with you, for you.

After trying several promotion agencies and spending hundreds of euros, with Send It Right I got incredible results paying only what actually helped me. It's a real game changer especially for today's independent artists.


Where did we go wrongs (7 mln streams)




You are protected by our guarantee: feedback or money back

Send your music to all the media you want: if you do not receive constructive feedback or support for your song within 48 hours, we will refund your money. In this way, the only cost you will have for the media will have answered or supported you. Do not waste your time and money: Send It Right is the safest solution for your promos, start now with the free account!

Only for you access to our secret group:
Send It Right Talents!

Send It Right Talents is an exclusive group that allows you to exchange opinions and technical opinions on your music. A great opportunity for growth thanks to the A & R members in the group!

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